Project Description


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — When there is a force of nature with potentially catastrophic consequences, an early warning system is instrumental to protecting assets and saving lives. Alert Systems Group, LLC ( (ASG) is the leading Earthquake, Hurricane, Tornado, and Tsunami early-warning, automations, mass-notification, and technology provider in the world.

ASG, working with industry-leader Global Security Systems, operates on the FEMA Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) and leverages its relationships with state and local government agencies, university researchers, broadcast stations, and two-way radio and dispatch manufacturers to build a P25 (suite of standards for digital communications based on APCO-25) Automation and Mass Notification controller. The ASG Automation and Mass Notification (AMN) controller is capable of notifying all public-safety first responders (Police, Fire, Red Cross, etc.) and civilians of an impending natural disaster whilst automating in-building systems and radio communications. The entire ASG suite of products receives Tornado, Hurricane, Tsunami, and Earthquake seismic data for alert processing directly from ASG’s affiliate industry leaders and government research partners.

ASG servers aggregate raw data and run state-of-the-art and proven algorithms. Automated and redundant alerts are then sent via Satellite and internet delivery directly to local FM radio broadcast stations. The stations retransmit the data on a dedicated channel to all ASG controllers and Home-and-Office units, alerting civilians to the type of natural disaster and time to impact, based on their local region.

With three forms of redundant signaling, ASG automatically delivers a natural disaster alert to public safety P25 communications systems. The AMN controller simultaneously manages and inserts life-saving alert information into common and proprietary two-way radio systems and 911 Dispatch systems to send pages, alerts, tones, and customized messages. ASG also ties in to public address systems, back-up generators, garage doors, and directly into elevators to recall to the first floor. Integrating alerts into commercial building automation systems seamlessly will accelerate response time for first responders, security, staff, and those designated as part of any disaster management plan. All alerts, signaling, and automation happen before the natural disaster strikes and even after a natural disaster takes down some critical communications infrastructure. ASG also integrates into SCADA systems to help cities and municipalities avoid damage to water infrastructure, vulnerable bus and rail operations, and into already existing alert peripherals (sirens, alarms, lights, etc.).

Founder and CEO of Alert Systems Group, LLC. Michael E. Marzouk says, “ASG’s mission is to empower civilians, equip government agencies to notify all first responders, and automate in-building systems with the simple goal of saving lives and protecting assets.”

Alert Systems Group, LLC. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. All commercial hardware and the ASG DisasterAlert App is Made in America.