Resilient public alert and warning tools are essential to save lives and protect property during times of national, state, regional, and local  emergencies.  The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is used by alerting authorities to send warnings via broadcast, cable, satellite, and wireline communications pathways.  Emergency Alert System participants, which consist of broadcast, cable, satellite, and wireline providers, are the stewards of this important public service in close partnership with alerting officials at all levels of government.  The EAS is also used when all other means of alerting the public are unavailable, providing an added layer of resiliency to the suite of available emergency communication tools.  The EAS is in a constant state of improvement to ensure seamless integration of CAP-based and emerging technologies.

Alert Systems Group is currently the only private company capable of transmitting data over the EAS.  This ensures that in times of national crisis when the Internet is down, ASG is still capable of automating in-building systems and alerting all public safety and individuals of impending natural disasters.